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News that makes you go "OMG!" or "WTF!"

The best part is that all of it is true.

News that makes you go "OMG!" or "WTF!" we're new!
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i think this community is pretty self explanitory. :D

Same basic rules as everyone else:

- Just be sure to credit your source

- Post a picture (under 500px) with article, relating to article ofcourse.
(hey, i like pictures! best part of the article for me!)

- Keep it clean. if it's not clean, put under LJ cut with warning.

- Keep it organized. dont be surprised if you find that i go in and make a few changes to your article
(such as add a subject line or a picture, or link something.
i am just strange like that. i like things organized.)

- Keep it fun. Leave the drama for your mama!